How to customize my labels?

      1. Email us and let us know what kind of layout you want, you can either draw it on the paper or describe it in words.
      2. Email: hi@itsgookit.com
      3. You will have to send one roll of your DYMO Label to us.
      4. After we received your label, we will finish it within a week.
      5. We will build your label template in the selection of the Barcode Man app, all you have to do is simply choose your template in our app.
      6. The customize service is FREE, you only have to pay for the one-time shipping fee.

Why the labels are required to be sent?

  1. Because there is an amount of variety of labels, and every merchant has different requirements.
  2. We've survey many labels editor that claimed you can customize layout, it turns out too hard to use for the merchant.
  3. Eventually, you're going to code it for the layout of the label, so we decided to build a label layout for you.
  4. According to item 1~3, we need the physical labels to try and make sure its layout is what you want.

Please note, we only accept the labels of DYMO printers including:

  • DYMO 450 / DYMO 450 Turbo.
  • Or you can tell us if you have other DYMO printers.